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Steven Tyler (Why His Voice Is So Good)

  January 24, 2019

What' the secret behind Steven Tyler's crazy vocal range and durability?

Steven Tyler is an absolute legend in the world of rock music and there's no doubt about that. From his distinguishable voice, high energy presence on stage, and hit songs, he’s definitely one of the greatest rock frontmen ever. But what’s really impressive, is his voice – what it can do, and how he’s been able to rock out all of these years.

Even after 40 plus years he’s still going strong and has managed to create a long and graceful tenure fronting the legendary rock band, Aerosmith.

His primal SCREAM has been heard all over the world and his ability to hit over 4 octaves of vocal range just proves how durable his vocal cords are despite being held over the decades of albums, concerts and showmanship. By the way, did you know that his two biggest singing influences were James Brown and Paul McCartney? But Steven, of course, is a complete original.

So let’s break it down as to how amazing his vocals really are. Although being a tenor in voice, did you know he was actually able to hit an E6 note in the song “Crazy”? Typically, a tenor voice is between C3 all the up to C5, the high C. But hitting an E6 is almost unheard of for a tenor. That’s something experienced sopranos can barely hit. Take a listen to a part of Aerosmith's "Crazy"…

But you might be thinking, “hey that was just the guitar!”....nope, it wasn’t just the guitar.! Take a listen to his isolated vocals on that part….

Pretty high, huh?

But with all those falsettos notes, studio recordings, and raging concerts, and years of partying it up like a rockstar, you can be sure his voice has been stretched to the limit over the years. At one point, his vocal cords actually started bleeding after several Aerosmith shows.

It was believed the underlying cause of this was, to no surprise, years of performing without enough rest, as well as um, other things. A doctor even put a camera down his throat to analyze his vocal cords and estimated at one point, 780,000 collisions throughout an entire concert. The doc concluded in terms of vocal endurance, Steven Tyler is a super-athlete.

Since then, Steven Tyler learned new maintenance techniques and became virtually unstoppable since.

Not only can Tyler sing rock, but he’s even ventured into country music. You should check it out.

So what’s really the secret to his voice? Well there’s no true actual “secret” but to put it in a simple but educational way, the technique behind Steven Tyler's legendary voice is a singing style called Bel Canto, a 17th century Italian way of training you to sing the same way you talk. A natural breathing pattern which can help you and, of course, teaches you how to breathe properly, and consequently. Some other rock vocalists out there, including Sebastian Bach, use this same technique which, amazingly, makes your voice get even stronger and better the older you get.

It's surprisingly amazing how his voice is still very useful today even at 70 years old, considering how active he still is in his career. The way he screams, exposure to smoke, and other factors makes it hard to believe he can still belt out 'Dream On' and 'I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing' with ease. Not even years of use and abuse can kill off his famous raspy voice.

What he’s been able to do and what he’s accomplished clearly shows that he's one of the finest rock singers in the history of music.  To this day, his voice remains almost exactly as it was 4 decades ago which very few singers can achieve. Now that’s “Crazy”.

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